In Memoriam: Lester Wunderman

1920 - 2019

We remember Lester fondly and with gratitude as the creative whose thinking inspired an entirely new way of selling products and services and created a trillion-dollar industry as his legacy.

For more than 65 years, Lester Wunderman’s ideas, principles and solutions helped forge the modern advertising industry, and his autobiography, Being Direct, Making Advertising Pay is considered one of the most important on the subject of direct marketing. His insights into the power of dialogues between customers and advertisers is brought to life every day on the internet.

Beyond Madison Avenue, Lester Wunderman is remembered as a husband and father, a friend and mentor, a patron of the Arts and photographer, and even as a chief in a West African tribe.

Lester’s commitment to learning inspired many, as he came to work every day at Wunderman, the agency that bears his name, well into his 90s.

"Lester possessed the curiosity of a scientist, an artist’s eye, the soul of an author and the heart of an entrepreneur. We’ll miss the pleasure of his company, his wit and wisdom, and cherish the hours spent with him." — Mel Edwards, Global CEO, Wunderman