Lester Wunderman’s autobiography, Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay, is now available in eBook form and can be purchased for Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks. Proceeds from eBook sales will benefit Bridging The Gap Mekong Trust, a not-for-profit organization whose prime purpose is to improve the education and potential employment prospects of underprivileged, isolated children living along a stretch of the Mekong River in Northern Laos, a cause that is important to Wunderman.

"That Lester Wunderman should be the acknowledged authority on the origins of direct marketing is understandable; after all, he invented it. But it's a matter of wonder that he remains unchallenged as its contemporary practitioner and that he can envisage its future with more clarity and common sense than anyone I know." — Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP "Too often the wants and needs of the customer are lost in the zeal to execute a campaign. Lester Wunderman holds the customer at the forefront and challenges us to shift our paradigm to truly make the customer, not the product, the hero." — John Kahan, General Manager, CRM, Microsoft Corporation "Marketing legend Lester Wunderman strikes again! Since he coined the term 'direct marketing' nearly 40 years ago, Lester has been instrumental in the evolution from mass audience general advertising to database-driven direct marketing. This latest edition of Being Direct is clearly the reflection of Lester's decades of experience. With an eye on the future, he offers a new chapter that provides us a thoughtful perspective on how the Internet is creating a more in-control consumer, which promises to have a dramatic — and lasting — impact on direct marketing." — H. Robert Wientzen, President & CEO, Direct Marketing Association, 1996 – 2004 "As the digital age disintermediates buyers and sellers, Being Direct provides a fascinating primer, written with all the authority of a well-decorated veteran from many campaigns." — Nicholas Negroponte, author of Being Digital "Wunderman's account of his adventures in direct selling, general advertising, mail-order advertising and direct marketing read like a novel. Spend an afternoon with him and you will have the equivalent of a marketing education." — Philip Kotler, author of Marketing Management "Wunderman has chosen to tell the story of direct marketing in terms of his own life, regaling us with instructive and engaging anecdotes about clients, agents, and the wonderful things that happened to him on the way to the Hall of Fame." — Marketing Direct "...an intriguing complement to Ogilvy’s Confessions.... The core ideas of this book have already transformed advertising." — Adweek "If you're ever wondered about all those catalogs and advertisements that fill your mailbox, here is the inventor to tell you the inside story. Lester Wunderman developed what is now called direct marketing, and this is a fascinating exposition of a commercial success story that has had a major impact on our civilization." — Walter Cronkite